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Shrimp Cocktail 

Fresh cook Shrimp served with homemade

Cocktail sauce


Salt & Pepper Calamari 

Tempura Calamari Stir fry with Salt & Pepper


Rangoons (6) 

Fried Custard filled with Cream Cheese and Crab and Lobster meat

Japanese Spring Rolls (4) 

Fried filled with Veggies


Gyoza  (6) 

Fried Meat Dumplings



Steam & season with Sea Salt or Spicy Garlic + $1.5


Yum Yum Chicken 

Tempura Chicken Breast with YumYum and Eel sauce


Shrimp Tempura (3)  

Tempura Shrimp with Veggie Tempura

Veggie Tempura 

Assorted Veggies Tempura

Green Sticks  

Tempura Green Beans with Sea Salt served with 

Tempura Sauce


Sasame Tuna Tataki  

Seared Tuna. Sesame Sauce


Yuzu Citrus Mackerel 

Whole Mackerel. Yuzu Sauce


Wasabi Yuzu White Tuna  

White Tuna. Wasabi Yuzu Sauce. Wasabi Tobiko


Mustard Soy Snapper

Mustard Soy. Cucumber. Tobiko


Mango Yuzu Yellowtail  

Mango. Yuzu Sauce. Tobiko


Nigiri Sampler  

5Pcs Assorted

Sashimi Sampler  

6Pcs Assorted

Sushi Appetizers
Salads & Soups

Poke Bowl (Choice of Salmon or Tuna)  

Avocado. Seaweed Salad. Tobiko. Beets. Seasoned Rice

Spicy Tuna Salad  

Tuna. Seaweed. Avocado. Cucumber. Tobiko. Spicy Mayo


Spicy Salmon Salad  

Salmon. Seaweed. Avocado. Cucumber. Tobiko. Spicy Mayo


Jalapeño Mango Yellowtail Salad

Yellowtail. Seaweed. Mango. Yuzu Sauce


Kani Avocado Salad  

Kanikama. Avocado. Cucumber. Tobiko. Sweet Mayo)

Spicy Calamari Salad 

Seaweed, Sesame Seasoning, & Calamari

Seaweed Salad  


Spicy Seaweed Salad 


Green Salad 

Choice of Ginger or

Yum Yum Dressing


Clear Soup 

Homemade Beef Broth, Mushrooms and Scallions


Miso Soup  

Soy Bean Broth Tofu and Scallions 

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